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NHCM is dedicated to providing a safe and secure atmosphere for teaching and worship. As such, we have closely monitored all guidelines and recommendations from our local and national leaders and have made the following decisions regarding our services:

Sunday Services Hybrid

June 7 - Present

Sunday services are back! We have modified our sanctuary to maintain social distancing guidelines and have shortened services to reduce time together as a collective. Masks are not required; please inform yourself of the risks before attending in-person. Please do not attend services in-person if you are experiencing any coronavirus-related symptoms. For those that wish to stay home and attend virtually, Church Online via Zoom is available here!

BOLD Nights Suspended

Until further notice

All BOLD services (every other Friday at 7 PM) are suspended until March 31, 2020. BOLD events and gatherings will follow in line with all official NHCM health suggestions.

Prayer Nights + Walks Suspended

Until further notice

All NHCM Prayer Nights and Prayer Walks (Tuesdays at 7PM) will be suspended until March 31, 2020. Please continue to pray for Atwood and for wisdom to guide our governing authorities.

Tutoring Suspended

Until further notice

The city of Placentia has closed many of their public facilities, including the Gomez Center. Because of this, tutoring will be suspended until further notice.

Until further notice

Church is now ONLINE! Click HERE to go to our Church Online Page.

Reliable Sources for Information

Concerning COVID-19

Quick Tips:

-Wash your hands with any type of soap for at LEAST 20 SECONDS

-Do not shake hands

-Do not touch your face

-Practice social distancing

-Travel only when necessary

If you have any questions regarding services or COVID-19, please contact us.

If you or a loved one are unable to buy any necessities (food, diapers, paper products, etc.) due to age or a health condition, please contact us as we may be able to offer delivery and/or financial assistance.